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Create your own buffet

 Choose 3 salads, 1 Soup , 2 non-veg , 2 veg, 1 rice or noodles, 2 desserts – AED 125/-
Choose 4 salads, 1 Soup, 3 non-veg, 3 veg, 1 rice, 1 noodles, 3 desserts AED 150/-
Choose 5 salads, 1 Soup, 4 non-veg , 4 veg , 2 rice, 1 noodles , 4 desserts AED 180/- 


Corn and pepper salad
Beans Sprout Salad
Cucumber cup with Thai beef salad
Iranian Shiraz salad
Greek Salad with Feta Cheese
Chicken César salad
Russian salad
Beetroot and orange salad
Hawaiian coleslaw
Greek salad
Kachumber Salad
Caprese salad with fresh basil sauce
German potato salad
Fattoush with Crispy Arabic Bread
Pasta Salad
Oriental Salad
Crudité Platter
Aloo Chaat
Mix Raita 


Lentil Soup
Minestrone Soup
Hot & Sour
Tomato & Coriander
Cream of Spinach
Vegetable Clear Soup
Mushroom Soup
Manchow Soup
Egg Drop Soup
Sweet Corn Sou
Potato & Leeks 

Main Courses

Stir fried beef with broccoli and ginger
Beef steak with silver onion sauce
Shredded Beef stroganoff
Beef Bourgignon
Lamb goulash
Lamb okra with tomato sauce
Mutton Roganjosh
Keema Matar

Grilled fish with lime and butter sauce
Darne of Grilled Fish steak

Crumb Fried fish with tartar sauce
Fish Meuniere
Fish Jalfrezi
Steamed Fish in Coriander Sauce
Grilled Fish Molly
Sea food marinara
Chicken ala king
Arabic Roast chicken with potato
Palak Chicken
Chicken and Mushroom Florentine with spinach
Chicken roulade with sage and brown gravy
Chicken Fricassee

Stuffed chicken with ricotta cheese and basil
Chicken Kadhai

Butter chicken 

Main Courses (vegetarian)

Vegetable Jalfrezi Vegetable chop-suey Palak Paneer
Dal Makhani Vegetable Mussaka

Eggplant Parmagiano
Sauté medley of vegetable
Arabic baked vegetable kawaj
Steamed broccoli and cauliflower with almond butter
Mix vegetable Salona with tomato sauce

Jeera Aloo
Stir Fried Vegetables
Vegetables in Hot Garlic Sauce
Teriyaki Vegetables 

Rice / Pasta / Noodles

Mixed fried rice
Jeera Rice
Vermicelli rice
Steamed rice
Peas Pilaf
Vegetable Kabsa
Mixed Chinese noodles
Vegetable Hakka noodles
Scallion Egg noodles
Penne Arabiatta
Fusilli Norma
Spaghetti Pomodoro
Penne Pesto 


Assorted French pastry Mousse (Chocolate or Strawberry)
Cheese cake
Fruit custard
Gulab Jamun
Cream Caramel
Strawberry tart
Fresh fruit salad 

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