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Finger food menu 1

AED 100/- per person

Cold hors d’oeuvres  
Chicken mousse in salted tartlets
Asparagus & cucumber
Mozzerella cheese n tomato bruschetta
Mini melanzane with napolitano sauce

Hot selections  
Chicken lollipop with sweet chilli dip
Cocktail samosa with mint sauce
Baked cheese bites
Beef satay with peanut butter sauce

Chocolate eclaires
Fresh fruit cups in shot glasses

Finger food menu 2

AED 120/- per person

Cold hors d’oeuvres
Smoked salmon bilinis with horseraddish and dill cream
Mexican nacho with cheese dip
Chicken n celery salad on brown bread
Cottage cheese with crispy cucumber
Beef salami
Devilled eggs

Hot selections
Mozzerella & cheese sticks chicken brochet
Mini pizza napolitana quiche lorraine
Fish fingers with tartar sauce beef teriyaki

Fruit tarts
White chocolate mousse

Finger food menu 3

AED 140/- per person

Cold hors d’oeuvres
Roast Beef with Horseradish
Tuna & Celery Cucumber & Asparagus
Chicken Mousse in Pastry Cups
Beef Mortadella
Cottage Cheese
Fruit Sticks

Hot selections
Fish Batons with Tartar sauce
Chicken Teriyaki
Mini Potato Croquettes
Vegetable Spring Rolls
Mushroom Vol-au-vents
Quiche Loraine

Chocolate Nutties
Asst. Mini Fruit Tarts
White Chocolate Mousse

Finger food menu 4

AED 160/- per person

Cold Hors D’Oeuvres
Stuffed mushrooms
Vol Au Vent filled with shrimp cocktail
Pat choux with cream cheese and cherry tomato
Anchovy canapé with beetroot mousse and sour cream, dill on white bread
Chicken mortadella canapé, English mustard, pickle
Bilinis with salmon mousse canapé
Smoked Turkey with Gherkins

Hot Selections
Traditional Falafel/tahina sauce
Malaysian Chicken Satay/peanut sauce
Cheese and mushroom in mini pastry cup
Thyme flavoured Fish baton /tartar sauce
Potato croquettes
Spinach Fatayer
Vegetable Quiche
Cocktail Samosa

Strawberry Mousse in Pastry Cup
Chocolate Brownies
Diced Fresh Fruit Cups

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