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Live BBQ menu 1

AED 125/- per person


Crudité Platter with Blue Cheese
Roast Parmesan Chicken Salad
Corn N Pepper Salad

Thyme Grilled Salmon and Hammour skewers
Herb Grilled Chicken legs
Beef steak with Dijon mustard
Grilled chicken franks
Paneer Tikka (Cottage Cheese & Green Peppers)

Baker's basket
Baguette / Arabic Flat Bread / Bread Rolls

Hot buffet
Butter Tossed Veggies
Jacket Potato
Vegetable Kabsa Rice or Fried Rice

Caramel custard
Fresh Fruit salad

Live BBQ menu 2

AED 150/- per person


Roast Parmesan chicken salad
Penne al Tono
Greek country salad
Bread station

Vegetable Shashlik
Herb grilled chicken breasts
Grilled chicken franks
Cajun Beef Steak
Garlic and chilli rubbed prawns
Herb Marinated Fish Steak

Hot buffet
Vegetable Au Gratin
Oven baked rosemary potatoes
Saffron pilaf

Fruit salad
Crème Caramel
Chocolate mousse

Live BBQ menu 3

AED 175/- per person


Oriental Salad
Thai Papaya Salad
Mix Seafood with Avocado
Hawaiian Chicken & Pineapple
Fattoush with Crispy Arabic Bread
Bread basket and butter

Chicken Wings with BBQ Sauce
Chinese Spring Rolls

Fish Fillets with Red Onion Salsa
Tiger Prawn Skewers with Walnut Pesto
Chicken Drumsticks lemon & Garlic Dressing
Beef Steak with Chefs Special Pepper Sauce
Grilled Vegetable Skewers
Paneer Tikka (Cottage Cheese with Peppers & Onions)

Hot Buffet
Potato Wedges
Steamed Broccoli with Almond Butter
Vegetable Paella

Cut Fruit Display
Assorted Mini Fruit Tarts
Chocolate Mousse Shots

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